Membership Fees

From January 2017, the Membership Fee all categories of Membership will be  – S$80 per year

Membership Application Fee

A one-time, non-refundable Membership Application Fee of $50.00 is to accompany any first-time Application to be a Member of SAC. This applies to all categories of membership

ONLY for the first year, membership fees will be pro-rated by quarters for new applications during the calendar year:

  • Jan-Mar S$80
  • Apr-Jun S$60
  • Jul-Sep S$40
  • Oct-Dec S$20

Registered Counsellors  Only

1. S$100 per year to be on the Register of Counsellors for a 2-year period. Full payment of $200.00 is to be made upon approval of the Registered Counsellor status.

2. S$176.55 per year for personal Professional Indemnity Insurance.

NOTE: Those who show proof of personal professional indemnity cover do not need to pay for the PI with SAC. Please download the Proof of Professional Indemnity Form here.

Recognized Clinical Supervisors Only

1. $50.00 per year to be on the Register of Recognized Clinical Supervisors

2. Renewal Application is to be submitted every 2 years from 2017 onward.