2017…The New Year has begun!

SAC – 35th Year of Service in Singapore

Singapore Association for Counselling enters into its 35th year since it was founded by Mr Anthony Yeo and his team from Counseling and Care Centre in 1982! SAC has come a long way and we look forward to an exciting year for the practice of counseling and psychotherapy to mature and develop into new areas of professionalism, ethical practice and clinical supervision standards.

Our Course Recognition for Counselor Education Programmes will also be going through a major review through this year taking into considerations the shifting expectations and global standards for the training of counsellors and psychotherapists as well as the outcomes for such programmes. We will keep members and member institutions updated in due time

New Membership Matters

At the last AGM in June 2016, several membership changes were approved by the members. Please take note of the following:

From January 1 2017 the following Annual Fee changes will be effected:

S/No Payment for Previous Amount New Amount Remarks
1 One-time Application Fee 0.00 $50.00 New!
2 Membership Fee (All Categories) $40.00 $80.00 New!
3 Registered Counselor S100.00 S100.00 No Change
4 Registered Clinical Supervisor 0.00 $50.00 New!
5 Professional Indemnity $176.55 $176.55 No Change

The appropriate Forms are now available on the website for members to download and complete. Direct payment can also be made via online banking to SAC’s DBS account. Members will be receiving the Invoices for the Membership Fee payment in January 2017.

Register of Counsellors

The Register of Counsellors has been updated and can be viewed here. If your name is not listed on the Register it could mean several things:

  1. You need to submit your renewal forms.
  2. You need to apply for Professional Indemnity Insurance or submit the Letter of Exemption.
  3. You need to make payments.

Once the proper documents are received and processed with payments made, your name will be added to the Register. Feedback and enquiries about the Register are to be sent to the registerboard@sac-counsel.org.sg

Register of Recognized Clinical Supervisors

Starting from 2017, renewal for Recognized Clinical Supervisors will be done every two years. Clinical Supervisors who have been on the Register for more than 2 years need to resubmit the SAC-Clinical-Supervisor-Application-Form for processing.

From January 2017, all Clinical Supervisors are to make a payment of $50.00 annually to remain listed on the Register of Recognized Clinical Supervisors. Kindly download the Form available here and submit with your payment to the SAC Secretariat.

NOTE: All Recognized Clinical Supervisors are reminded that they have to maintain their status as Registered Counsellors in order to be listed on the Register of Recognized Clinical Supervisors.

Please direct any questions regarding the Register of Recognized Clinical Supervisors to president@sac-counsel.org.sg.

 Invitation to Veteran Counsellors to Join SAC as Clinical Members

SAC is inviting veteran counsellors from all sectors who have been practicing counselling before the Year 2003 to join the Association as Clinical Members. This Grandfather clause is made available only in the Year of 2017 (1st January 2017 – 31st December 2017), and a practitioner would need to submit an official letter stating that counselling has been the main job function for the period of time from 1999-2003 together with a Membership Application Form.  If you know any friends or colleagues who may be interested, please invite them to contact the SAC Secretariat at admin@sac-counsel.org.sg   or email saccommsteam@gmail.com

SAC Dialogue with EXCO on Friday January 20 2017 at 6.00pm – Dinner will be provided

We are pleased to inform all members that the Dialogue with EXCO will be held on the evening of 20th January 2017 at the Raffles Institution, One Raffles Institution Lane, Singapore 575954. It will be at one of the Lecture Theaters. The main discussion will be on the new standards of Clinical Supervision and its implementation, which was shelved at our 34th AGM in June 2016. As usual, we will send out the Whoozin invite via email to confirm your attendance. Please keep this date with the EXCO!


SAC Partners with SGSecure: The forming of SAC’s Crisis Response Team 

As we welcome 2017 and anticipate what the future will uncover for Singapore and the world, it is also a time as members of SAC to remind ourselves to be alert and vigilant to the global shifts taking place at the economic levels and political levels as well as the rising terrorist attacks and threats over the past weeks!

SAC invites members to register on the SAC Crisis Response Team so that we can be mobilized as soon as possible in the event of any incident or tragedy in Singapore. Some of you may already be part of your agency’s or institution’s Crisis Response Team so you do not need to be on our list. Please register to be on the SAC Crisis Response Team by writing to Sam Kuna at president@sac-counsel.org.sg

We also recommend that members download the necessary apps that will trigger an alert in the event of such occurrences. Please visit the SGSecure website https://www.sgsecure.sg/Pages/default.aspx  to download the SGSecure app, the Police app and the SCDF app. Let’s us do our part for national safety and security!

ANNOUNCEMENT: SAC’s 35th Annual General Meeting to be held on 24th March 2017

The 35th AGM of SAC will be held on the evening of Friday, 24th March 2017. Do keep the date free, and look out for further details!