Application Process for Registered Clinical Supervisors – Updated January 2017

Applicants must meet the following requirements:

1. The individual must be an SAC Registered Counsellor with membership fees up-to-date

2. The individual must have at least FIVE years of experience as a Professional Counsellor and clocking a minimum of 1000 face-to-face hours in supervised practice.

3. Verified hours and other information is to be entered in the clinical experience section requested in the Application Form.

4. SAC Registered Counselors wanting to be registered as Clinical Supervisors must show –

      a) significant professional training in Clinical Supervision and

      b) the training certificates with transcripts and number of training hours received are to be attached for verification.

5. All applicants  must demonstrate competencies which benefit individual practitioners and training institutes that require supervision for their students and interns.

Application/Renewal Fee

From January 2017, all Clinical Supervisors are to make a payment of $50.00 annually to remain listed on the Register of Clinical Supervisors. Kindly download the attached Form and submit your payment to the SAC Secretariat.

Renewal for Registered Clinical Supervisors is done every two years starting from 2017.

NOTE: All Registered Clinical Supervisors are reminded that they have to maintain their status as Registered Counsellors in order to be listed on the Register of Clinical Supervisors

SAC-Clinical Supervisor Application/Renewal Fee Form- (JANUARY 2017)

Application Form

You may download your Application Form by clicking the link below, print and send to  or by mail to the SAC Secretariat.
SAC-Clinical-Supervisor-Application-Form (July 2016)

Please send any changes to your email addresses to Thank you.