***Please allow up to 3 months to process your Application. We will contact you as soon as all documents are verified and approval is confirmed. Thank you.

Please note that all correspondences regarding the Register of Counsellors are to be directed to the Register Board at registerboard@sac-counsel.org.sg with immediate effect.

A new Registered Counsellor applicant will need to submit the following documents which will also qualify you as a Clinical Member:

  1. passport size photo in jpeg file
  2. If you are not a current member of SAC, you will also need to pay a Membership Application Fee of $50.00. Please download the membership-application-fee-payment-form here.
  3. Completed SAC Counselling Log Sheet of 600 hours face-to-face counselling ( available here) with every page acknowledged with a signature of your Clinical Supervisor
  4. Completed SAC Clinical Supervision Log Sheet of 60 hours (available here) signed by your Clinical Supervisor/s.
    1. Provisional Clinical Members are to note that w.e.f January 1 2015, the ratio for Group Clinical Supervision versus Individual Clinical Supervision will be 70:30 i.e. 40 hours of Group Supervision and 20 hours of Individual Supervision. Please differentiate on the Log Sheet between Group and Individual Supervision and get your Clinical Supervisors to endorse accordingly.
  5. Full transcripts from universities and copies of all certificates(up to date)
  6. Current letter of employment on a company letterhead
  7. Proof of personal Professional Indemnity Insurance cover (New Requirement w.e.f. March 2015 – Please see Article 5.5 of the SAC Constitution) via an official letter
    1. You may submit the Application-for-Exemption-from-Article-5-5-1-PI as a personal declaration that you have your own Professional Indemnity.
    2. you could request to be included in the SAC-AIG Group Professional Indemnity Cover and pay the prevailing rate for the PI insurance cover.
  8. Please obtain signatures of 2 Members of SAC who must be either a Clinical Member, Master Clinical Member or a Fellow Member.
  9. To avoid unnecessary delays in the processing of your application, please ensure that ALL information in the SAC Membership Application Form are clearly documented, endorsed and submitted.
  10. All required documents must be officially endorsed by an official signatory within the organization or agency chop and submitted in PDF format together with the SAC Membership Application Form.                        NOTE: PLEASE DO NOT SEND YOUR ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS! 
  11. Please send all documents with the Membership Application Fee Payment Form (for new members only) via email attachment to the SAC Register Board – registerboard@sac-counsel.org.sg

SAC Membership Application Form

SAC Membership-Application-Fee-Payment-Form

SAC Application-for-Exemption-from-Article-5-5-1-PI Form

*2-Yearly Renewal of Registered Counsellor Status – Proof Letter

Please note that according to Article 5.3 of the SAC Constitution, for each two-year period registered as a SAC Registered Counsellors, the registrant shall complete 50 hours of continuing professional education (CPE) and 400 hours of face-to-face counselling.  The two-year period begins in the month of JUNE of the year of registration. Click below to download the soft copy or PDF copy of the proof letter and submit using the Membership Application Form.

NOTE: Your Registered Counsellor status is to be renewed by the month of June every 2 years. Please send your completed Proof Letter and Renewal Documents to the SAC Register Board –  registerboard@sac-counsel.org.sg