SAC Symposium masthead

We regret to inform you that registration for the Symposium is closed!

We are pleased to have Dr Amy Khor, Senior Minister of State for the Ministry of Health and Ministry of  the Environment and Water Resources as our Guest of Honour at the SAC Counselling Symposium 2015. Members are encouraged to visit the Symposium website at to view the programmes, the Keynote Speakers, the other presenters and exciting topics that have been lined up just for you. Please note that there have been some slight changes to the Programme.

The aim of this Counselling Symposium is to bring together counsellors, psychotherapists, and related mental health and educational professionals in Singapore and the ASEAN Region to discuss the progressive and emerging trends in counselling practice. This SAC Counselling Symposium will also showcase the Singapore Association for Counselling as we celebrate our 33rdAnniversary!

Following are some of the highlights of the SAC Counselling Symposium 2015:

1.   the new SAC Membership categories recently approved by the Registry of Societies, (you would have already received an official letter on your new category of membership).

2.   the establishment of 2 new Boards for the Register of Counsellors and the Course Recognition of Training Providers, and

3.   the Official Launch of the SAC Ethics Manual of Procedures by our Guest of Honour, Dr Amy Khor.

The venue for the SAC Counselling Symposium 2015 is The Academia, 20 College Road, Singapore sponsored by the National Cancer Centre Singapore.

The EXCO and Organising Committee look forward to seeing you there.